TEMPUR-SEALY Retail Concept
Developing a modern update for a showroom in Las Vegas providing emphasis for Tempur-Sealy.
Tempur-Sealy was approached by a retailer to conceptualize a new design and store layout that captured a refined aesthetic, while allowing the Tempur-Sealy products to shine as an integral point of the shopping experience. As the lead environments designer, I was tasked with curating a creative direction and implementing the direction into the existing space, while balancing the brand expression of Tempur-Sealy with their competing brands.
There are two entry points to the space, with the main entrance located at the top of the plan. Adjacent to the entrance is the primary Tempur-Sealy space, creating a "mini-shop" for the Tempurpedic brand. The focal in-store experience, bed firmness testing pods, are integrated into the freestanding structures, helping define the Tempurpedic branded area. Sealy was provided a floating pod adjacent to seating to create a point of focus on the main retail floor.
The conceptual direction focuses on creating defined moments for each brand through the use of segmentation (for the Tempurpedic brand) and directional design elements (for the Sealy and competitor brands).
Main entrance into space with directional overhead fixture, pulling guests into the space and highlighting the ethos of the retailer ("Renew"). Tempurpedic branded space to the right, Sealy branded pod to the left. Lounge seating in middle of space. 

View left upon main entry. Sealy pod with lounge seating floating in space. Directional wood elements to create visual grounding  for Sealy and competitor (beyond). Blank canvases placeholder for brand specific graphics. 

View 1 of Tempurpedic branded space. This area's aesthetic direction is dictated by existing defined brand environments guidelines for the Tempurpedic brand. This is largely why creating a dedicated area for the Tempurpedic brand was appropriate. 

View 2 of the Tempurpedic branded space.

View 3 of the Tempurpedic branded space. Bed test pods help create defined experiential moments while the overhead lighting fixture incorporates the directional language from the rest of the space.

View of accessory installation from Tempurpedic brand space, capturing competitor feature slot in rear of space.

View of accessory wall. The pre-existing archway is filled with a built in structure in the directional language to create spatial segmentation. The structure is double-sided and includes a blank slot for messaging. Featured bed linens are draped from each side of the column. 

View of rear of space. Competitor brands are segmented with their own overhead structures providing feature messaging moments. Structures are separated with green walls to soften the space, and a feature brass paneled wall provides visual accent and warmth. 

View of opposite side of Sealy feature pod, as well as competitor feature moment. Graphics and canvases are placeholder for future branded messaging. 

View of extents of space where competitor bedding is featured. 

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