Airbnb + Mattel: Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse
Commemorating Barbie's 60th Anniversary with life-size Barbie Dreamhouse in the heart of Malibu.
Airbnb and Mattel teamed up with a vision to create a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Barbie enthusiasts to have the ultimate immersive brand experience. The activation would allow lucky guests the opportunity to stay in a real-life, modern adaptation of the Barbie Dreamhouse, complete with unique experiences with Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad, who was made into the brand's first hijab-wearing doll, and local Malibu chef Gina Clarke-Helm.
In collaboration with Grow Marketing, I served as one of two environments designers. Together, we developed a contemporary Barbie aesthetic driven by her signature brand of hospitality, empowerment, and inclusivity. Within a two-month timeframe, our design brought the client's vision to life, including working on-site for a full week ensuring every detail embodied the Barbie brand.
The activation was captured and promotional images and videos were released across Barbie's, Mattel's, and Airbnb's social medias, and websites. The activation was quickly picked up by major media outlets, including CBS, NBC, Variety, Good Morning America, Vogue, AdAge, Deezen, and more. The project became a viral social media sensation, garnering nearly one billion views across all platforms in the month following the launch.
Selected Media Coverage:
All photography courtesy of Airbnb, Mattel, and Grow Marketing

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